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MethaMeasure is an automated methadone dispensing system designed by a UK Pharmacist, produced and supported by our dedicated team in Glasgow. We enable pharmacies to streamline their Opioid Addiction Treatment services while increasing efficiencies, reducing errors, and improving compliance while giving them back time to provide more value-added Pharmacy Services.


-Positive patient identification by fingerprint and picture

-Accurate patient dosing

-Automatically creates your daily methadone CD register entries

-Reduces use of single-use plastic bottles for daily doses

-Reduces need for large CD cabinets

-Onsite in-person installation and training provided

-Supported by our UK team

-Integrated with CDRx

-Cloud based software which is easily accessible – it can be opened on any computer and on multiple devices at the same time

-Replace bulky and inefficient paper registers

-Intuitive pre-population of prescriber, patient and supplier data from previous entries saving valuable time

-Access to various logs e.g. dispensary duty (fridge temperature recording), responsible pharmacist, near miss, errors logs and much more

-Additional features, SOPs repository, MHRA updates, Pharmacy appointment scheduling module and Head office/Group admin section etc.

-Integrated with Analyst Positive Solutions


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