Edinpharm is a not for profit membership group founded in 1996 looking after over 200 members across the UK. We are an organisation who protect and promote the growth of independent pharmacies via our buying power and maximising the return on investment to the members of the group.


Key benefits of our membership include:

  • Efficient Order Management System – Place one single order through your PMR and it routes to the best price supplier, freeing your time to do more.
  • Fixed pricing for tender period – stability of pricing leading to a better overall ‘basket price’.
  • Easy to see order response – check where stock is coming from, what is unobtainable and what’s over tariff.
  • No low-spend surcharges.
  • Numark Membership– Gain all the benefits of a Numark membership with an Edinpharm based compliance bonus for routing your membership through us.
  • Support Network – Collective knowledge, shared experience, and advice from other independent pharmacists via our messaging system.


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