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MED e-care eMAR for Community Pharmacies We empower busy pharmacists to best serve their care home customers. Interoperability in care technology is imperative for the evolution of outstanding care. MED e-care are focused on interoperability and integrate with any other PMR technology you might already have in place, including EMIS ProScript Connect, RX Web, Positive Solutions, Titan PMR & Cegedim Rx. What does that mean? It means ALL care technology needs to openly talk to each other and share data. The 10 R’s of MED e-care’s eMAR Software 1. Retain current Care Homes 2. Recruit more Care Homes 3. Raise your profits 4. Record on-going Stock Control 5. Reduce wasted medication 6. Report concerns 7. Robust system 8. Reduce errors 9. Real-time recording 10. Reliable pharmacy interfaces Don’t just take our word for it. Here is some feedback from current pharmacy customers. “MED e-care are one of the most respected eMAR provider in the market. They are so straight forward to deal with, and all their staff understand both pharmacy and care home processes.” Kenny Black, Managing Director of Remedi Solutions. “The standout for me is that we win contracts and this growth is only possible with the use of this technology!” Usman Tahir, MD, Care Quality Pharmacy


Are you an independent Community Pharmacy? MED e-care gives you control Ensuring the highest standards of pharmaceutical care for residents is key to a safe and efficient operation. Providing the right tools is an important part of the solution. Our software interfaces with a wide range of external systems so that you can share your information with Care Homes, GPs, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. Our eMAR solution provides a complete medication administration solution with some real benefits that you can’t get elsewhere, giving you confidence that you can deliver the best pharmaceutical care possible. This is why we are partnered with most of the leading pharmaceutical providers in the UK. We replace paper-based MARs reducing transcription errors, storage requirements and physical transportation of records. We track order and delivery of medicines and automate reports, facilitating efficiency improvements. Our eMAR also evidences compliance with CQC and NICE guidelines.


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